Sunday, 29 July 2012

Light Box, Octopus First Cuts

Hello there! Last weekend was my birthday and The Scotsman pulled out the stops. Among other presents, he built me a totally awesome light box for my glass.

New light box built by The Scotsman for my birthday. Best husband ever!
I love it! It makes it much easier to trace designs and see through darker glass to cut to a pattern.

If you remember, I mentioned that I bought a ton of antique art glass when I was back home in the States in June. I've taken pictures of just a few of the pieces I got. You can almost see how beautiful they are when they're pictured on the light box, but my usual caveat still holds true: pictures just can't do glass justice.

Here's the design I drew for my newest piece. As you can see, it's much simplified from the photograph I posted last time.

I started cutting today. Since I got a bit of a late start I haven't gotten as much done as I wanted, but I'm already really happy with the way it's coming along. As you can see, I chose a ring mottled dark red and white glass for the octopus' skin. 

As you might also be able to see, I added cut lines to the tentacles. These will make it easier (and in some cases, at all possible) to cut these. 

I'll post more next weekend when I've gotten more done!

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