Thursday, 9 August 2012

Octopus progress

Hi all, I made a bit of progress over the weekend on the stained glass octopus I started last week. One of the things that still perplexes me about cutting glass is how you can cut and cut for hours and it barely looks like you accomplished anything at all!

Although it doesn't look like it, I really did get quite a bit done. I plan to put lots more time toward it this weekend coming up. Just got to keep plugging away until it's finished.

First, I got started on the water background. I decided that the background needed to have a more emphatic design element to it, so I added a circle behind the octopus. The clear glass is Spectrum clear baroque, and the blue circle element is pale blue Spectrum baroque. I chose these because of the lovely swirls in the glass, so suggestive of underwater currents.

Hours and hours of cutting - looks like I barely worked on it at all!

Then I cut another one of the tentacles and added in the yellow eyes.

Yellow eyes - I plan to paint in the pupils.

Can't wait to get started on the little suckers. Except for the "can't wait" part. Eeep!
Wish me luck, and see you next time! Pin It Now!

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