Monday, 2 December 2013

Dragon and Girl: More WIP Photos

So, more progress this weekend on the Dragon and Girl piece. I did another firing of the border pieces, but I finally also was able to do the first matte layer on the dragon's body, head, and wings. I also did the first matte layer on the little girl.

With matte layers, you lay on a thin layer of paint, then smooth it with your badger brush. (I always end up singing "Mushroom, MUSHROOM!" at some point when I'm using the badger brush.)

After that, you use other brushes to take paint away. Glass painting is the opposite of painting on mediums like paper or canvas: instead of laying paint on to make parts darker, you lay paint on in a flat coat and then take it away to add highlights. It takes a bit of getting used to.

Each matte layer of paint you add on the glass builds up and gives the piece depth, shadows, and a more 3-D look. Every new layer that's added has to be fired. So, keep in mind: this is just the first layer.

On with the pictures!

I'm really excited that this part of the piece is finally starting to come on. I just hope I don't screw it up! Pin It Now!

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